View Full Version : Snuff and Rape story

  1. Picnic (hanging, rape)
  2. Surprise for Uncle Sickey (teen, rape, old and young)
  3. Alice (german, torture snuff)
  4. The High School Killing Spree (snuff)
  5. Snuff Flight (snuff)
  6. Wir waren Jung (german, hanging)
  7. The Bitch in Confession and Penance (hanging)
  8. Her Punishment (hanging)
  9. Strangers in the Dark (hanging)
  10. Nadine (anal rape)
  11. Mein erster Auftragsmord III (rape, hanging, german)
  12. Nachbars Tochter-Vorspiel Seit die Show begonnen hat, ist im Strandlokal Ruhe eingek
  13. The Cruelest Game (rape strangle)
  14. Wie du mir so ich dir.... german
  15. Eine karibische Nacht (rape, snugg, german)
  16. The Girl is Running Late (rape, strangle)
  17. Cyber Girl (strangle)
  18. The Bet (M/f, non-consensual, kidnapping, bd, rape, nipple torture, asphyxiation)
  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR...(rape, strangle)
  20. Karen's scarf (strangle, rape)
  21. NO COMMON CURTSY (strangle, bagging, rape)
  22. Will this scarf work ? (lesbian strangle)
  23. THE BLIND DATE (strangle, rape)
  24. Death Fuck under water (drowning, rape)
  25. Juicing Jeanne (electrocution, snuff)
  26. Sorority Snuff-Out
  27. Trophy Hunter